The madness of March certainly delivered over the weekend, huh? Plenty of upsets and surprises, which always makes this time of year fun for basketball fans. Or, so I hear. After all, this tournament seems to happen yearly, and until the IRS changes the deadline for personal tax returns away from April 15th (the 17th… Read More

Well, the brackets are set — and the nation’s collective basketball madness has begun. Billions fly around every year for this tournament (probably much of it not reported on Form W-2G!), and it’s become a huge part of this season, as you no doubt know. But there is another, often-unnoticed, part of this season that… Read More

Lots of things have been changing recently — from Academy Award ratings (they’re down), to mortgage rates (which have been rising), to the effective tax rates for most businesses and families in 2018 (which, you may have heard, have changed!). But we here at Hoboken Tax haven’t much changed: we’re still cranking along in preparing… Read More

The Winter Olympics are finished and we are fully immersed in our tax preparation process. We’ve been enjoying the opportunity to reconnect with so many longtime friends who trust us with their most sensitive financial details — and we don’t take that privilege lightly. And because I don’t take this lightly, I also want to… Read More

I’m not sure there is very much I could say that could add anything to the conversation about what happened last week in Parkland, FL. It seems that every time something like this happens, we grieve for shorter and shorter amounts of time and move on ever-more quickly to the shouting at each other over… Read More

We are cranking along with tax return preparation here at Hoboken Tax, and there are some interesting things that you should know about from Tax Land (that wild, scintillating world that it is). Look — it is our J-O-B to handle this junk so you don’t have to, which is why I make it a… Read More

Despite that subject line, it has, in fact, been a relatively smooth first week of tax filing here at Hoboken Tax. Clients have been streaming through our doors, and we’ve been enjoying our little mini-reunion with so many longtime friends. I’ve also been encouraged by the many clients who have taken us up on our… Read More

We we are proud to be licensed by the Department of Treasury and share some of their memos. Below is a memo that came out regarding your withholdings. IR-2018-05, Jan. 11, 2018 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today released Notice 1036, which updates the income-tax withholding tables for 2018 reflecting changes made by the… Read More

We’re in that annual holiday lull during which most of the country takes things real easy, tries to recover from all of the parties, and gears up for a new beginning. For tax professionals, however … well, let’s just say that we don’t often get a “normal” holiday season, and this year is even more… Read More

As I write this, the Senate has passed their version of the tax reform bill, and now we wait for the final version of the bill. The process isn’t yet finished (it needs to go through the “reconciliation” process, and the President needs to sign it), but we have some basic ideas about what’s to… Read More