I’ll tell you what… The month of May is beginning to look a lot like December. Definitely not because it’s cold out there, but with so much “end of school year” stuff happening these days, from graduation parties (ranging from pre-k “graduations” all the way up through college and beyond), to weddings (both royal and… Read More

There are less than two weeks remaining before the tax deadline of April 17th. Does that startle you? If so, let’s talk. We can easily file an extension on your behalf, and make sure that your return is handled as advantageously as possible. If you’re still a bit spooked by that deadline, well, it might… Read More

For years, the IRS has warned taxpayers about the tax scam calls in which scammers pretend to be from the IRS and threaten the taxpayer with wage garnishment or imprisonment unless they pay that day by getting prepaid cards or depositing cash into bogus bank accounts. But the IRS made major revisions to the IRS… Read More

The IRS has issued a warning about a new telephone scam. In previous warnings, the IRS has said that they will not call over the phone but send notices through the mail. The scammers have caught on to this warning and now when they call, they tell the victim that they were sent two certified… Read More