It’s true — there are certain people for whom this note doesn’t apply. There are those who are perfectly fine paying the amount of tax they pay every year, thank you very much. However, since YOU have chosen to invest yourself in our services (or at one point considered it), you are probably in the… Read More

All of the tax media outlets (and even some non-tax ones) were shouting about a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report that showed that (gasp) millions of taxpayers are underwithholding, and that they will face a tax bill come 2019. Apparently, there was an increase of 3% of those who will owe the IRS due… Read More

It’s helpful to have a financial target at which to aim. But the problem is that there is just SO MUCH financial advice to be had on ye olde World Wide Web that cutting through the noise and finding simple targets is difficult. So, that’s what I’m here to provide today. For those of my… Read More

We love what we do. I’m not sure if it’s always obvious, but perhaps you can take a cue from the fact that I take the time to send you these sorts of emails on a regular basis, if not by other factors. We love this stuff, and consequently, we work hard for our clients.… Read More

You’d think that this would be about golf, since here we are smack in the middle of summer. But I’m here with a word of caution about other kinds of traps, not of the sandy variety. Last week, we spoke about executors, and I’ll return to that subject soon. But today, I thought I’d issue… Read More

How is your summer rolling along for you? I’d love it if you sent us an update on what you have been doing … even if it’s just a personal update. We take great joy in knowing that our work is being done on behalf of some pretty incredible individuals and families, and getting a… Read More

If you pay close attention to the news media (which I don’t advise, but in our digital world, it can be unavoidable), you might be feeling a weight, almost as if there is a sense of impending doom. I saw a recent survey that indicated that almost one third of respondents felt that we could… Read More

It’s been a great pleasure to reconnect with some clients this past week, as we have had the opportunity to conspire together about building their financial fortress, with the “new” tax law in mind. There are still plenty of provisions within these new tax regulations for which the IRS has not yet issued clear guidance,… Read More

… that’s what the Federal Reserve is for. That said, the most recent Treasury statement shows that the Feds collected a record $1,143,141,000,000 in individual income taxes through the first eight months of fiscal 2018 — that’s $1.1 TRILLION — and still, the government ran a $532.2 BILLION deficit those same months. So perhaps they… Read More

For sports fans, that was quite a run last week. The NHL crowned its champion (and the nation’s capital seemed like it was one massive street party for the weekend), the rest of the NBA conceded to the Golden State Warriors, and we witnessed another Triple Crown in horse racing. Now, well … there’s baseball.… Read More