During the last six years that I have been working on growing my business to help as many as many people as possible and run marathons. Running is a love that I found while in college and playing lacrosse. Spending time in the gym was not favorite activity, however running a few miles after practice was enjoyable.

How does running and money tie into each other? First, I chair the Party With Purpose Marathon team, as we are official charity partners with the New York Road Runners. Thus I spend time recruiting those who have a desire to run the TCS NYC Marathon as well as raising money on behalf of Party With Purpose. Second, when I am working with prospects and clients on transforming their financial future When I am not working to make our communities a better place, my business is helping clients with their tax situations. One theme is common, most people have their own hurdles in believing what is possible.

Did you know that over 62% of Americans do not have a $1000.00 in savings?

Based on my experience most people I inquire with regarding running a marathon believe it is 20 miles?

Their responses are often the same, that sounds really hard. Does it sound hard to have a $1000.00 in savings?

The purpose of the next twenty one weeks is to share my experience training for my sixth TCS NYC Marathon while incorporating the teachings of David Ramsey, who has championed the Financial Peace University.

What I intend to share over the next 20 weeks, are the steps it takes to successfully train for a marathon, and taking some steps to altering your financial future

Please share your ideas with financialcoaching@hobokentax.com or call the office at 201-266-0455

Have a great day!!!