As we continue to keep our eyes on what’s happening with the GOP tax reform bill in Washington, we are focusing on an entirely different kind of “tax reform” around here: Tax planning with our smartest¬†clients. Because something that is a commonality among our wisest clients is that they get AHEAD of the game with… Read More

First of all, our hearts are with Sutherland Springs, TX. What a senseless, terrible tragedy for that community, and our nation. Words fail. +++ But as difficult as it is to “move on” from the remembrance of such things, our nation continues along with the arguments and concerns of the day. Specifically, the recently-released House… Read More

We’re turning the corner into November this week, which means that 2017 is close to being over. And based on what I’ve heard from more than a few of my clients, turning the corner into 2018 is going to be a welcome event. It’s been a rough year for the nation, and for some people… Read More

The First Lap of Tax Reform is Completed and the GOP is Ahead by a Nose On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives agreed to the Senate version of the FY 2018 Budget Resolution, 216 to 212, with 20 Republicans from high tax states joining Democrats as no votes. It being a congressional resolution, binding… Read More

Today, President Donald Trump announced that he will be designating David Kautter, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, as Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Commissioner John Koskinen’s term expires November 12th, and Kautter will step in to serve as Acting Commissioner on November 13th. While Kautter was recently confirmed… Read More

There’s a lot of chatter around Washington and the media (at least the media which cares about such things) about tax cuts, and whether or not the Trump administration is actually going to do anything of substance in this area. And, of course, there’s talk about tax RAISES, alongside these cuts. Because, well, math. And… Read More

Now that extended returns have been filed, we set our gaze towards year-end around here, and on making sure that YOU are doing everything possible to ensure that your 2017 tax burden is as low as legally and ethically possible. I did receive some feedback and questions about the Equifax information I sent, and I… Read More

I hope you’re well today. This is the final week before extended returns are due¬†(Monday, October 16th is the due date this year), so we are working hard with those clients who placed an extension on their filing to make sure that everything is set up and filed properly. So, it’s a busy week for… Read More

We all woke Monday morning to news of more senseless tragedy and horror, this time, as you no doubt have heard, from Las Vegas. Yet another picture of a kind of terror that I cannot fathom; imagine going to a simple music festival and suddenly having death rain down from the sky. Words cannot describe.… Read More

As a planner, I hate speculation. I would much rather plan for what I can control, and harvest the fruits without surprise. And that’s exactly what we do with our clients — at least with those who are smart enough to take us up on it — we PLAN for the upcoming tax season so… Read More